BCC Baseball celebrates twenty five years of baseball for all levels of players. The heart and soul of our program is the recreational league where 3,000 classmates and friends play together while parent volunteers manage and coach the teams. We also fiel


Practice Plan


Conditioning/Warm up

No static stretching


Base running


Throwing Progression


Defensive Stations (10 min. at each Station):

  • Station 1: Partner Ground Ball Drills

  • Station 2: Fly Ball Drills

  • Station 3: Tag Plays/Double Plays


Offensive Stations (10 min. at each Station):

  • Station 1: Side Toss

  • Station 2: Front Toss

  • Station 3: Batting Practice/ Cage Work


Team Defense:

  • Pop-ups

  • Cuts and Relays

  • 18 Consecutive Outs


Review of Game Situations / Offensive Signs / Defensive Signs


Clean up (Designate each player a task to make things easier and faster)


Remember These 8 Things

  1. Remove all trash from the field, benches, etc.

  2. The coach of the home team should arrive early to the game to prepare the field i.e. raking, putting down bases, taking care of wet spots, etc

  3. Arrive at the field before game time. Be organized! Have the line-up prepared, field set, and players ready by game time. Be quick between innings! It’s inconsiderate for one team to arrive late, be unprepared and take too long between innings. Often the result is that the game cannot get in all the innings since there is a time limit.

  4. Winning teams in the kid-pitch leagues should call or e-mail the scores to the Commissioners.

  5. If a kid-pitch Sunday game has to be cancelled the league must be notified by 2:30 on the Friday before the game. To cancel a Friday or Saturday game the league must have at least 48-hour notice.

  6. The rainout line is 301-229-2724, press 1. The rainout line is only for games not practices.

  7. Do not get into confrontations with umpires. If you wish to file a complaint about an umpire contact the league office.

  8. Inform the league office as soon as possible about umpire no-shows or if the field was not lined.