BCC Baseball celebrates twenty five years of baseball for all levels of players. The heart and soul of our program is the recreational league where 3,000 classmates and friends play together while parent volunteers manage and coach the teams. We also fiel


The Differences Between Select & Travel

Travel is a highly competitive program that allows very skilled players the opportunity to compete with other competitive teams from all over the MD/DC/VA area.  Our best players compete against the best in their age groups.  BCC fields one travel team in each age group.  These teams play at least 2x a week and practice 2x a week.  League games are not always local and these teams participate in tournaments during the season outside of the area.  Travel teams are required to attend mandatory winter clinics on Sundays in January and February.   Travel teams are coached by professional non parent coaches.  Players who play for a BCC travel team cannot play for any other travel baseball team.  Baseball must be a player's primary sport commitment.  Cost for travel is approximately $1250-$1400 for spring, $1100-1250 for fall, $500-550 for winter clinics and anywhere between $600-$1500 for summer depending on which summer tournaments a teams participates in.  The travel team is a 3 season commitment – spring, summer and fall.  

The Select teams group the best players within our league to play against each other.  BCC fields anywhere from 4-6 teams in each age group (10-14 year olds).  The teams play 2x a week on Friday nights and Sundays and practice once a week.  A select player may not play for a BCC recreational team.  Select teams are coached by experienced parent coaches, designated by the league.   Select teams will participate in mandatory winter clinics.  Cost for select is approx. $1300-1500 which covers the spring and fall seasons and the winter clinics.  The select teams are a 2 season commitment – spring and fall.  There is a non mandatory option to play summer select (tryouts required) for an additional fee.

To learn more about each program, visit Select Program or Travel Program