BCC Baseball celebrates twenty five years of baseball for all levels of players. The heart and soul of our program is the recreational league where 3,000 classmates and friends play together while parent volunteers manage and coach the teams. We also fiel


Event Cancellations

The county has jurisdiction to make the call about closing fields due to rain.  In the event of a league-wide cancellation due to inclement weather, BCC will make a decision to cancel all games before 8:00 am, when possible. If games are canceled league-wide, the BCC website will be updated.  Once games are canceled for the entire day, league wide, it is impossible to reverse the decision for games later in the day.

In case of field closures, BCC will do what we can to make up rained out games or practices but we cannot guarantee that every event will be rescheduled.  We have a built-in rain makeup week at the end of each season


BCC Baseball will not refund fees for any programs (games, clinics, camps, practices) that are cancelled due to any cause beyond our control, including weather related events (rain or snow).  BCC will do its best to makeup any event that is cancelled provided we have the availability of fields and facilities 


Lightning and Thunder

At the first instance of lightning and thunder, Managers shall halt the game and remove their teams from the field to the security of cars or buildings that offer protection. Should field conditions permit, and where otherwise reasonable consistent with protection of the players and others in attendance, the game may resume 15 minutes after the last instance of lightning or thunder.