BCC Recreational Baseball

BCC Baseball's recreational league offers playing opportunities for players in Kindergarten through 12th grade.  We have both spring and fall seasons - teams may participate in one or both.  The spring season is 8 weeks and generally runs April-June and the fall season is 6 weeks beginning in September and ending mid to late October.  Games are played on Sunday afternoons and practices are held once a week.  Registrants without a prior team affiliation are placed based on school and geographic location.  

Fees range from $175-$210. The league provides game and practice fields, uniforms, batting helmets, tees, bases, balls, catchers gear and a first aid kit.  We provide refunds for the spring season until April 1st and for the fall season until September 1st - all refunds are assessed a $30 admin fee.

We welcome individual registration and complete teams.  If you are interested in starting a team, please contact the office at 301-229-2724.

BCC Recreational Baseball is divided into five baseball leagues, each with rules to match the skill level and age of the players. Complete rules for all leagues can be found HERE

The following is a brief description of BCC Baseball leagues and how play is conducted in each.

National League:

Generally kindergarten and first graders.

Teams in this age group play three innings.

An inning is over once each player has batted.

There are no strikeouts.

All players play in the field every inning.

Outs are made in the field, thereby limiting the number of runs scored.

The coach pitches underhand to his/her batters.

If the ball is not hit after a set number of pitches, a batting tee is used.

Opposing coach or parent is catcher.

Games are approximately 60 minutes long.

Reduced Injury Factor (RIF #1) baseballs are used.

The primary emphasis is on sportsmanship and instruction rather than winning.

Scorebooks are not kept.

American League:

Generally second and third graders.

Play is governed by the normal three outs per inning.

All players bat in rotation and play the field.

A player is the catcher.

Games are generally 90 minutes long.

Pitching machines and RIF #5 baseballs are used.

Emphasis is on instruction, not winning.

Minor League:

Generally fourth & fifth graders.

There are 9 players in the field.

All players bat in rotation regardless of whether or not they played in the field the previous inning.

This league is kid-pitch.

RIF #10 balls are used.

The base path is 60' and the pitching distance is 46'.

Paid umpires are provided for this league.

Major League:

Generally sixth & seventh graders.

Rules are similar to professional baseball.

Base paths are 70’ and pitching distance is 50'.

Players may steal and lead off.

Paid umpires are provided for this league.

Standard baseballs are used.

Senior League:

Generally eighth through twelfth graders.

Professional rules and distances (90’ base paths) apply.

Teams are placed in divisions according to grade/age.

Standard baseballs are used.