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Office Location

40A Southlawn Court

Rockville, MD  20850

Office Phone 

Phone: 301.229.2724

Board of Directors

Executive Director: Jean Kurtz (jkurtz@bccbaseball.com)

Assistant Director of Operations: David Schneider (dschneider@bccbaseball.com)

Past President: Doug Cashmere

President: Jayson Slotnik

Vice President: Chris Doerr

Secretary: Arnie Brooks

Travel Coordinator: TJ Caswell


National League (K-1st): Jayson Slotnik

American League (2nd-3rd): Jayson Slotnik

Minor League (4th-5th): Steve Roggie

Major League (6th-7th): Steve Roggie

Senior League (8th-12th): Steve Roggie

Other Board Members

Jason Jacobson

Dawn DiFIore

Joe Cassidy

Tom Wotring

Alan Smith

Rick Hellings

Charley Hutson

Ted Spiropoulos

Tom Condon