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BCC Baseball News and Announcements

BCC Baseball Return to Play Protocols


  • Outdoor gathering guidelines – The county is limiting the number of attendees at sporting events to 50 people at this time, which includes the players, coaches and spectators. For this reason, we are asking that each player have only one parent/guardian attend each game or practice. As things are constantly changing and evolving right now, we will update you if the limit increases.

  • Masks for Coaches - Coaches are required to wear masks at all times when interacting with their team, during the game/practice, as base coaches and when addressing players before or after the game/practice.

  • Masks for Players – Players must wear masks during all times other than when they are on the field of play. This means that masks must be worn while on the sidelines during games and practices, in between innings and before/after the games.

  • Social Distancing for Players/Coaches – Players and coaches must maintain a social distance of at least 6 feet at all times, with no physical contact allowed except for players on the field during active play.

  • Social Distancing for Fans – Spectators must wear masks and remain at least 6’ away from anyone that is not their immediate family or household.

  • COVID Protocols Coach/Parent - each team to have an extra parent(s) or coach who is in charge of: o Social distancing / Hand sanitizer / Equipment / Seeds / Spitting / Wipes o Mark off all social distancing in dugouts and assist for spectators as well

  • Screening - parents, players, coaches and family members must take their temperature and screen themselves before leaving their house for any practices, games or team events.

  • Illness / Symptoms - parents, players and coaches must remain home if they have any illness or symptoms of COVID-19. If player or parent has been exposed to COVID, they are required to stay home

  • Baseballs - each team will supply their own baseballs/softballs from the dugout while their team is in the field during games

  • Sanitizer - players and coaches will bring their own hand sanitizer to events and apply it every inning

  • After outs - the ball will go immediately back to the pitcher (no throwing it around)

  • No sharing team equipment - helmets, gloves, bats. BCC Baseball will no longer provide team helmets or catchers equipment. (each player must have his own helmet and bat)

  • No shared team cooler or drinks - Everyone must bring their own.

  • Contact - No handshakes, high fives, fist bumps, hugs, spitting, sunflower seeds.

  • Meetings – All participants must be at least 6’ apart for any team meetings. We recommend that these meetings are no longer than a couple of minutes. Coaches must wear masks while conducting these meetings.

  • After the Game – all players, parents, coaches are asked to leave the venue quickly and not congregate in groups.

  • Conference - Home plate conference - everyone must stay at least 6’ apart and wear masks

  • Equipment spacing - Players individual equipment should be spaced out and not touching other players equipment (at least 6’ apart)

  • Dugout/Bench Extended - Players should be spaced out (not in the dugout) along the sidelines. The “dugout/bench” area will need to be extended along the fence line. Players could also be seated with the parents when their team is up to bat and we encourage players to bring their own chairs for dugout extended areas to help with social distancing. Players should keep their equipment with their chair.

  • Line-up - exchanged electronically if possible

  • Umpires - umpires will remain at least 6 feet away from players (behind P or further behind C (where space allows). Umpires will be wearing face coverings.

  • Infractions – anyone with concerns over nonadherence by coaches, players or spectators to the protocols stated above should contact the BCC Office.


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