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BCC Baseball News and Announcements

BCC Summer Sandlot Rules

General Rules and League Policies

· Gameplay consists of three teams on one field at a time

· League schedule is created by BCC Baseball

· BCC Baseball staff will split the kids into teams on gamedays

· Players must wear league assigned uniform at games which includes Jersey and hat

· Just like normal baseball, the goal is to score runs while hitting, and limit the runs while on defense. You are competing against two other teams!

· Dugout designation will be assigned by BCC Baseball

· If not stated in these rules, the BCC Recreational Minor League (4/5) rules will apply.

Special Rules

· Ball of Drama – A batter on the batting team can request the “Ball of Drama” and if the batter and any baserunners, reach their base safe, it counts as a homerun and all runners on base score. If the batter or baserunner(s) gets out, the inning is automatically over.

o Ball of Drama can only be used once in an inning and max two times in a game.

o Ball of Drama can only be used with 0 or 1 outs in the inning.


Hitting > Outfield (INF UTL) > Infield/Battery

· Catcher should be getting prepared while his/her team is in the outfield

· Teams will have 30 seconds to get into their new positions or batting order


· Batting order is set by BCC Baseball. Players must hit in order. Batting out of order results in an out.

· If a player whose turn it is to bat is on base, the last out shall take the place of the player on the basepath

· On deck batter, must be ready immediately

· Home Run lined marked by cones

· No leading

· 5 run limit per inning, except in the last inning

· If the hitting team is losing by more than 5 runs, they can score more than 5, but cannot exceed the amount of runs of the team with the most.

· No headfirst slides

· For player safety, all players must slide at 2nd, 3rd, and home if there is a play at the base/plate.

· BCC Bat Regulations for Minor League (4/5) apply

Defensive Positions

· Positions will be determined by BCC Baseball.

· You cannot play the same defensive positions two straight innings (BESIDES CATCHERS)


· Pitchers get two warm-up pitches

· Pitchers cannot throw two consecutive innings

· Max 25 pitch count to avoid burnout and overuse

· Every player can pitch if they want to. We want everyone to learn how to pitch.

· Pitchers who throw three walks, or hit 2 batters, or throw 25 pitches in one inning are taken out and replaced by a coach who will finish the inning. The pitcher can return to pitching in future innings.


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