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How to Make a Positive Impression at Tryouts

Get to bed early the night before to get a good night’s rest.

Eat a healthy light breakfast and/or lunch prior to the start of tryouts.

Hydrate leading up to the tryout session and bring plenty of water with you to the session.

Wear baseball attire – baseball pants, a jersey/t-shirt tucked in, socks, baseball cleats or turf shoes (not soccer cleats or high-top basketball shoes) and a baseball hat (not turned backwards).

Show up at least 10 minutes early to the field – have cleats on and be ready to go at the start of the tryout.

The tryout begins the moment you step out of the car. You never know who will be watching.

Carry your own equipment.

Players warm-up to throw – they do not throw to warm-up. Ample time is allotted for players to get adequately stretched out and warmed up as a group before throwing.

All eyes on the coach(es) – listen carefully to instructions and do not talk while coaches are addressing the group. Do not goof off while waiting in lines to do any activity, pay attention.

If you have a question – wait until the coach is done speaking and raise your hand.

Hustle at all times – both in station and from station to station as players rotate.

Maintain a positive mindset at all times, no matter what happens – good body language and an ability overcome failure is really important in baseball. Get the next one…you can do it mentality!

For timed events for speed (e.g. home to 1st) always run hard through and beyond the base – and run with head/eyes up in a straight, direct line and be certain to step on the base.

Catch the ball with four fingers on top and thumb underneath the baseball (unless the ball is below your thighs in which case be sure to turn the glove over palm up) to catch the ball.

Incorporate the throwing hand into each catch holding it in the vicinity of the heel of the glove to make a quick transfer of the ball from glove to throwing hand.

Make every throw using a 4-seam grip.

Maintain a strong front side (glove side) on every throw.

When pitching, throw hard but under control – accuracy is far more important than velocity at a young age. Head and chest directly to the target. Ignore the radar gun.

Have a repeating approach at the plate – deep calming breath, level stance with rhythm in feet, proper grip and a sound load – be on time with the swing, keep eyes, chin and head on the pitch and hit the ball hard, extend the barrel through the baseball and finish with hands high and back heel up in balance.

For fly balls – get behind the ball, catch the ball out in front of you with two hands – thumb rolled under the baseball (not palm up).

For ground balls – move feet to the ball, do not sit back and let the ball play you – try to get a good hop (short or long – not in between is ideal) and field the ball with two hands, glove underneath the baseball and use proper footwork to make an accurate strong throw to your target and follow the throw.


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