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In Memory of Mike Sardo

Mike Sardo coached BCC Baseball teams for nearly a decade. Drawing on his knowledge of the sport as a standout baseball player at Bethpage High School in New York and Columbia University, Mike began teaching his two sons, Darrion and Sedric, how to play baseball soon after they started kindergarten. His love of baseball and his desire to spend time teaching his own boys sparked his interest in coaching youth baseball. Every fall and spring, Mike spent countless hours on the field at practices and games, teaching his teams how to throw, field, hit, and pitch. Coach Mike had high standards for his players. His passion for the sport, dry sense of humor, and determination to help each player improve, left a mark on every team he coached. More important, his own health obstacles (which resulted from battles with cancer and paralysis) and his resolve to not let them interfere with his coaching, served as an inspiration for everyone on and off the field. Mike’s well-known coaching philosophy — “Play hard, have fun!” — extends well beyond the baseball diamond and will be one of his lasting legacies.

If you are interested in making a donation to BCC Baseball in Coach Mike's memory - please use the Donate Button below. Money raised for this fund will be devoted towards scholarships or baseball equipment for income-eligible families.


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