Adult Wiffle Ball


The BCC Baseball Adult Wiffle ® League (BCC AWL) is the game you grew up with in your backyard turned into a social, fun and relaxed co-ed league. Teams consist of 3-5 of your best friends, or someone you know who can crush home runs with the skinny yellow bat or throw an insane wiffle curve...plus they have to be 18 years or older.


Games are played on weeknights from late June to early August indoors (no rainouts!) at the BCC Training Facility – 40a Southlawn Court, Rockville.


A doubleheader each week, followed by a single elimination playoff and a chance of becoming the first ever BCC AWL Champion!  Bragging rights that last a lifetime.

   Contact dschneider@bccbaseball.com if you are interested in playing or have questions.


Rules Coming Soon!

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