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BCC Summer Sandlot

COMING SUMMER 2023!! Keep an eye out for registration!

Each team needs one parent manager (DOES NOT NEED TO BE A COACH), and 5 players ages 9 or 10.

What’s BCC Summer Sandlot?

Summer Sandlot is like normal baseball, but three teams play at once. Summer Sandlot is continuous action, limited stoppages, more at-bats, and more chances to play every position.

What’s different?

·         Number of teams per game – 3!

·         Number of players per team – 5!

·         Players rotate positions every inning and play every position except catcher.

·         Pitchers cannot pitch two consecutive innings

·         Three walks or HBP in one inning, pitcher is subbed out, and coach comes in to finish the inning

·         Some whacky rules that make Summer Sandlot a fun, fast paced, and action packed baseball game.

Why play Summer Sandlot?

Summer Sandlot is faster paced, more energetic, and tons of fun. Learn from BCC volunteer coaches at practice, then take those skills into game action.

Three teams?

One team is batting, the second team plays the outfield, and a third team plays the infield. After three outs, the teams rotate from batting to outfield, outfield to infield, and infield to batting. An inning counts after all three teams have batted. Summer Sandlot is a six inning game with a 2 hour time limit.

How to form a team?

Every team has one parent manager and 5 players. Pick your closest friends, your teammates, or neighborhood pals and sign up. Teams can be coed. All players must be aged 9 or 10. Players are expected to attend every game. Team registration and player registration will take place online at


4 games. 5 practices. June 21-July 23 – No game on July 2nd.

Game schedule

1pm or 3pm. Sunday 6/25, 7/9, 7/16, 7/23 at Cabin John Regional #5 and #6 (One week at North Bethesda MS #5 and #6)


Wednesdays in the Bethesda area. Led by BCC volunteer coaches. Parents of players can help out too!

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