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BCC Big Train Travel Baseball: Ages 8u-14u

TRYOUT REGISTRATION - Fall 2024-Summer 2025 Season

BCC Baseball has been a powerhouse in the local travel arena for over 20 years.  We field some of the most competitive travel teams in the area in their respective age groups.  BCC’s roster of coaches strive to continuously improve our teams and individual players in all aspects of the game with the goal of creating the ultimate travel baseball experience.  Our coaches didn't just play the game - they know how to coach baseball and develop the skills necessary to compete at the highest levels.  Our teams 8U-14U play locally against other travel programs in the area and travel outside the immediate area to compete in tournaments. Each team creates a slightly different schedule.

The purpose of our teams is to allow players with the necessary potential and interest to play at a more advanced level and to receive the best instruction BCC Baseball has to offer. If your child is selected, we ask that you carefully consider the commitment that is necessary for a travel baseball team


Outlined below are specific expectations we have for those players.

  • Being on a travel team requires attendance at all games and practices. We believe players should be involved in other extra‐curricular activities, although they will not be able to miss practices for another regularly scheduled activity (i.e piano lessons, tutors, etc) including other sports teams.

  • School outings and obligations will take precedence, but we ask that other family and social activities be scheduled to avoid conflict with games and practices.

  • We understand that these athletes play on other teams, but we expect that the BCC Travel Baseball Team is the priority sports commitment.

  • These teams will focus on skill development as well as strategies for winning ball games such as primary and secondary position play as well as formal pitching rotations. Equal playing time is not necessarily assured, but each player who makes a serious commitment will receive substantial playing time.

  • A professional coach leads each team for at least 3 consecutive seasons with support from a BCC Parent Manager

  • BCC travel teams participate in both league play and tournaments. Both are considered part of the season and attendance is expected at all of these events. Some of these tournaments fall on holiday weekends (including but not only Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day)

  • BCC Travel Teams practice twice a week for two hours per practice.

  • Our teams play spring (late March‐mid June), Summer (mid June – end of July) and Fall (Sept – Oct). They also participate in winter training at our indoor facility in the months of Jan and Feb. This training will take place on either Sat or Sun and will be 2 hours in duration each week. Players who attend sleep away camp in June and/or July are not able to fufill the commitment of a BCC travel team.

  • All players participating on a travel team will have to provide a copy of their birth certificate to the league.

Have Questions?

eMail: BCCBaseball

Call: 301.229.2724 

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We are so proud of our alumni. BCC Alumni shine at the top academic and Power 5 Division I programs including: Brown, Columbia, Duke, Emory, Georgetown, Indiana, Johns Hopkins, Michigan, NC State, Princeton, Swarthmore, Maryland, North Carolina, Penn, Virginia, Wake Forest .

See where our players success in Collegiate and Professional baseball on our BCC Alumni Page at the Link below.

"Nothing's ever been as fun as baseball." - Mickey Mantle

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