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BCC Select Baseball: Ages 9-14

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The BCC Select Baseball Program is dedicated to the development of strong fundamental baseball skills in conjunction with an appreciation for good sportsmanship and furthering passion for the sport. One of the goals of BCC Select is to provide an environment that is more competitive than rec league and less of a time commitment than travel teams. Both boys and girls may participate.

BCC Select runs across two seasons – Fall and Spring. Tryouts will be held in June in each year and the team stays together for the whole year. There is one mandatory practice and two games per week, most of which are played at Cabin John Regional Park on Friday nights and Sunday afternoons during the season. Cost for BCC Select runs approximately $1500-$1700. Included in this cost are preseason workouts separated by team and led by BCC Baseball professional coaches in March. There is also a non-mandatory option to play Summer Select (additional tryouts required) for an additional fee.

BCC Select has 4-8 teams in four age groups:

  • 9U/10U: 65’ base path and 46’ pitching distance. Limited base-stealing is permitted

  • 11U/12U: 70’ base path and 50’ pitching distance. Stealing and leading off permitted

  • 13U/14U (Senior Select): 90’ base path and 60’ pitching distance 


*age cutoff date is April 30th, 2025* 


BCC Select is tryout-based with tryouts usually held in June. Players go through drills, are scored by BCC Baseball professional coaches, and then drafted by volunteer parent coaches. Not all players will make a team. No players are grandfathered in. Because there is a competitive draft to keep the teams balanced, we cannot guarantee you will be drafted on the same team as friends or by a particular coach. We expect that if you show up to tryouts, you want to play Select.


BCC Baseball provides teams with practice fields, game fields, first-aid kit, baseballs, bases, and uniforms (jersey, hat, pants and belt).

Have Questions?

eMail: BCCBaseball

Call: 301.229.2724 

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"Every day is a new opportunity. You can build on yesterday's success or put its failures behind and start over again. That's the way life is, with a new game every day, and that's the way baseball is." - Bob Feller

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